Vinyl Decking Installation

The proper climate must be obtained to install vinyl decking no matter what time of year it is. Under no circumstances can vinyl decking be installed without creating a dry warm environment, otherwise the vinyl will not properly adhere to the deck surface. Poor deck adhesion will not be apparent in cold weather but once the weather reaches warmer temperatures the vinyl will "relax" or "expand" revealing loose area of poor adhesion.

As per our Terms And Conditions we require the following conditions on all decks to properly install vinyl decking:

The deck surface and surrounding area must be a minimum of +5 during installation and for a period of 24 hours prior to and after the vinyl decking as been installed.

We recommend the deck be tarped with a minimum 7' of working space between the deck surface and the tarp. We also require the tarp to stand away from the leading edge of the deck by a minimum of 12" to allow us to flash and detail the outside edge. We also strongly recommend the underside of the deck to be tarped to avoid frost or dew forming on the bottom of the vinyl sheet during the glue curing process. Always try to heat the underside of the deck allowing the heat to rise and therefore keep the plywood at the proper working temperature.

Vinyl decking cannot be installed on a wet deck. The moisture content of the plywood must be between 16% and 19%. The only way to keep the moisture content of the plywood at this level is to not allow it to sit in the wet weather for long period s of time. Sheeting the deck the day it is to be installed is optimum.

Deck Fastener and Details:

  • We recommend you use a fastener 2-1/2 times the thickness of the material you intend on fastening down. (example: 5/8" ply requires minimum of 1-1/2" screw).
  • We only recommend the use of low root deck screws recessed below the plywood surface 1/8". All fasteners are to be set into solid material to avoid backing out. Under no circumstances should there be common nails, drywall screws or spiral nails in the plywood.
  • Plywood needs to be installed with proper slope. We recommend 1/4" per foot for complete drainage.
  • All plywood is to be Select Grade T&G Smooth. All butt joints to be solidly blocked and gaped at 1/8".
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall bituminous membranes be used or installed in any way that may cause it to come in contact with the vinyl membrane.

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